How to Make Salt Dough Blog posted on August, 19 2013

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Whenever I need an activity in the Easy Learning Tutorial Center to keep kids busy, in a good mood and educational to boot, I take out flour, salt, water, sugar and food color and let them make Salt Dough. Wikipedia describes salt dough as, " a modeling material made from a mixture of flour, salt and water. Food coloring is often used to color the material. Due to its high salt content, it is not suitable for ingestion, although the salt also gives it an offensive taste making such attempts unlikely even among inquisitive individuals such as children. The dough can be baked in an oven to obtain solid sculptures."

Salt dough is easy to make. You just mix 1 cup flour, 1 cup salt, about half a cup of water and a few drops of food color. Mix and knead. Then add the food color. And that's it. 

When you have made your salt dough, you can form it into shapes. You can air dry or bake it or just let it stay as is so your little one can squish it again and make another shape. 

Playing with salt dough is great for developing fine motor skills of children. Their fingers get a good work out as they squish, roll, form balls, or make tiny shapes. It's a great sensory activity as well, more so if you let them make it. They get to feel the rough texture of the salt, the soft texture of the flour, wetness of the water and the different colors of the food color. Plus, playing with salt dough stimulates the imagination of the little ones. I had a lot of fun seeing little boys doing an epic battle with a salt dough dragon (a long roll of salt dough) and a salt dough pirate ship (a triangle shaped salt dough).fun-with-salt-dough.jpg



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